VanSingel rep issues state of the art statement

In response to the Governor’s annual State of the State, Rep. Scott VanSingel (R-Grant) released the following statement:

“The governor’s speech on January 26 was probably the most optimistic and bipartisan speech we have heard during his tenure. I hope the Governor’s statements are sincere and that there is a genuine desire to work with the Legislature again, as the past three years have been difficult.

“There are so many areas where both sides of the aisle are working together and many of them were highlighted in the speech. The Legislature has made great strides in reducing barriers to child care, investing in both primary and secondary education and in higher education, and investing in infrastructure.

“We still have problems to solve in this state. I was happy to hear that the governor is interested in mental health care. I was named co-chair of the newly formed School Safety Task Force, a bipartisan group created by the Chamber to keep Michigan students safe. Student mental health was a prominent part of the discussion and it will be helpful to have the Governor’s support in this area.

“We hope the Governor will continue to view the Legislative Assembly as an ally, not an adversary. So much can be accomplished together.