Russia Ukraine War Live, Mariupol Falls to Russia: As Russia claimed progress in its aim to take over the entirety of disputed eastern Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin tried to shake Europe’s will to punish his country with sanctions and continue to supply weapons that have supported the defense of Ukraine.

The Russian Defense Ministry said Lyman, the second small town to fall this week, had been “completely liberated” by a joint force of Russian soldiers and Kremlin-backed separatists, who fought the war for eight years in the industrial region of Donbass on the border with Russia. Ukraine’s rail system transported weapons and evacuated citizens through Lyman, a key rail hub to the east. Control of it would also give the Russian military another foothold in the region; it has bridges for troops and equipment to cross the Siverskiy Donets River, which has so far hampered the Russian advance into Donbass.

Meanwhile, around 50 houses in the village of Demydiv remain partially submerged months after a dam was destroyed and the area flooded to prevent Russian troops from advancing towards the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, the regional governor said Oleksiy Kuleba. The Ukrainian army blew up a dam on the Irpin River in February, sending water into the village and thousands of acres around it, flooding homes and fields, but preventing Russian tanks from reaching the capital city.