The Town of Kerrville released a statement regarding the upcoming May 2022 general election. At last week’s city council meeting, council passed a resolution that sets out the May municipal election, which will be held on Saturday, May 7. .

Residents of Kerrville will vote for mayor, council members for Locations 3 and 4, as well as a bond election, which, if approved, would authorize the issuance of bonds for the development of a resort of public safety. Prior to council’s vote on the resolution setting the election, a citizen addressed council with arguments that holding the council election in May violates the city charter. According to a statement, the citizen has been repeating this argument to the city since December 2020.

The city’s statement says the Kerrville City Attorney has not changed his position on this issue since he began researching the matter and does not believe the city is violating any law by organizing its elections in May.

In March 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a proclamation allowing all cities in Texas to postpone their elections from May 2020 to November 3, 2020, in response to concerns over the COVID-19. This essentially suspended the Texas election code to the “extent necessary” to allow cities and other political subdivisions to take this action “without otherwise adjusting term limits.”

In accordance with the Governor’s emergency power authority stemming from the public health crisis, the Kerrville City Council passed a resolution postponing the city’s May 2020 election to November 2020. The Secretary of State’s Directives of Texas stipulated that “the postponement of an election is not a permanent decision”.

The official statement goes on to say that the result is that a city’s current office holders will serve until the next election, and officers newly elected in November will serve shorter terms. The Secretary of State concluded by confirming that the next elections would return to the May date.

In accordance with the Texas Election Code, Section 41.001, which applies to city elections, provides that entities must hold their election on a uniform election date, which the City of Kerrville has done every year since 1988. with the exception of May 2020. Entities wishing to change the date of their election should consult Article 41.0052 of the Electoral Code for permission to do so. The authority of this particular section expired in 2016, meaning the city does not have the power to change its election date from May.

The governor’s proclamation issued in 2020 due to coronavirus concerns can be viewed at: