April 4, 2022 11:24 a.m.

Santa Monica is more than a community of approximately 93,000 people and there are important factors that make our city unique. Swelling with an average daily population of 250,000 visitors throughout the day and during peak seasons, Santa Monica serves as a center of employment and a hub for domestic, domestic and international tourism that attracts millions of visitors each year. .

To provide an accurate representation of crime in the city, it is necessary to look at its average daily population of 250,000, not 95,000, as this provides a more accurate representation of crime in the city. The Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) contacted SafeWise to determine the source of its measurements. In their discussions, Safewise indicated that they do not take into consideration the daily measures of commuters and tourism and agree that this has an impact on overall impressions of crime. They provide a disclaimer sharing that in their study they understand that there are a variety of factors and these measurements are unclear.

In February 2022, the Santa Monica Police Department conducted a five-year analysis of Part I crimes. In their findings, there is a decrease in Part 1 crimes (burglary, arson, murder, rape and al) from 2021 to 2022 and in February 2021 there were 740 Part 1 crimes. In February 2022 there were 655 Part 1 crimes. In 2020 there were 598 Part 1 crimes, in 2019, 722 and in 2018, 804. Crime has fluctuated over the past five years, but as things stand now, we are seeing a reduction in our reportable violent crime statistics.

While the SMPD is pleased that the total number of reported crimes is down, the city and police department remain vigilant and work hard day in and day out to combat the crime that occurs in our community. SMPD’s Community Affairs team continues to attend neighborhood and business district meetings, host events like coffee with a cop, and work to educate members of our community about the crime that is happening. produced in Santa Monica. Our focus and attention to crime and community safety issues is unwavering.

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