Statement from the U.S. Embassy Moscow CDA Elizabeth Rood
Following the hearing of American citizen Brittney Griner
Moscow Oblast Court
October 25, 2022

Today was another sad day for the rule of law in the Russian Federation. In the case of US citizen Brittney Griner, the appeals court made a slight reduction in her sentence for the time spent in pretrial detention, but otherwise did not change the excessive and disproportionate sentence of nine years in a colony prison. Ms Griner appeared by video at the trial today, so we were not permitted to contact her. Therefore, we will continue to request consular access so that we can be in direct contact with Ms. Griner.

It’s honestly tragic that Ms Griner had to spend her birthday last week in a Russian prison rather than at home with her family and on the basketball court with her teammates. Nothing in the previous sentence, nothing in the results of today’s appeal changes the fact that the US government considers Griner to be wrongfully detained. The US Embassy in Moscow has no higher priority than the welfare of all US citizens detained in Russia. Whether wrongfully detained or not. We will work very hard to ensure their fair treatment and well-being. That’s what we’re here to do. Thanks.