SACRAMENTO — In an effort to combat the proliferation of gun violence, the Biden administration today announced new measures to better regulate the manufacture of kits used to make dangerous ghost guns. President Biden’s announcement follows recent steps taken by Governor Gavin Newsom and the California State Legislature to strengthen gun laws, regulate phantom guns and quell the epidemic of gun violence seen in across California and the country. “I welcome the actions taken today by the Biden administration that align with the leading efforts we have taken in California to address the scourge of gun violence threatening the safety of our schools, places of work, places of worship and throughout our communities. “California will not sit idly by as gun manufacturers, traffickers and others spread death and carnage on our streets. We will continue to lead efforts to save lives and work to ensure that policies emanating from California become a model for other states and the nation. Since taking office, Governor Newsom has sign into law numerous bills aimed at reducing gun violence, including accelerating the regulation of phantom guns, strengthening gun prohibition orders, and regulating the sale of guns and ammunition. This monthGovernor-sponsored legislation – SB 1327, which will allow private citizens to hold the gun industry and others accountable through civil lawsuits for the spread of illegal ghost guns and other firearms deadly – was approved by the California Senate Judiciary Committee.