“While we probably won’t know the full election result for several days, we do know a few things at this time. We know that the extremist candidates did not generate the tsunami they were betting on, thanks to the historic turnout of pro-equality, pro-democracy and pro-choice voters, who showed up at the polls in record numbers to make their voice. . In some of the biggest and most impactful races in key battleground states, voters have sent a strong message: extremists, conspiracy theorists and far-right radicals will not easily receive the keys to our democracy – and certainly won’t prevent the filming progress gears.

“Those gears of progress continued to turn tonight, as LGBTQ+ voters turned out in greater numbers than ever before for a non-presidential election – and LGBTQ+ candidates appeared on ballots for the first time. vote in every state in the country. These historic candidates included people like Maura Healey in Massachusetts, who tonight became the first openly lesbian woman ever elected governor, and candidates like Robert Garcia in California, who tonight became the first openly gay immigrant elected to the US Congress. , and Becca Balint, the first woman and first lesbian from Vermont to be elected to the United States Congress. Garcia and Balint will serve alongside a number of openly LGBTQ+ members of Congress who won re-election tonight in states including Kansas, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Wisconsin.

“These historic candidates also included people like Jared Polis in Colorado, who tonight became the first openly gay man to be elected and re-elected governor, and people like James Roesener of New Hampshire, who tonight became the first man openly transgender elected in any state. legislature. Roesener’s historic victory is further bolstered by the record number of transgender and non-binary people elected and re-elected tonight, including the likes of Sarah McBride – who won a second term as a state senator in Delaware.

“Those gears of progress also continued to turn tonight as LGBTQ+ ally Wes Moore won a historic victory as Maryland’s first black governor, and as voters in states across the country weighed in on a number of reproductive rights ballot measures, making it clear that pro-choice policies are supported by the majority of Americans.

“The reality is that extremists have been working overtime this election cycle pushing discriminatory and inflammatory narratives about LGBTQ+ people, women and people of color because they know we are the only thing standing in between. them and their extremist view of America. But as voters made clear tonight, this outdated manual has remained as ineffective as ever.

“In the coming days, we will have a clearer picture of the full outcome of this election. But tonight, we know that pro-equality, pro-democracy and pro-choice voters came out strong — and denied extremists and conspiracy theorists the landslide they assumed was theirs.

“For democracy to work for all of us, it must include all of us. This means that every voter must have their voice heard and their vote counted. Despite deliberate efforts to suppress turnout, including last-minute anti-LGBTQ+ attacks and misinformation, voters did their job and turned out in record numbers – now election officials are doing theirs by ensuring that every vote is counted.

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