Joint press conference on Ukraine

I am very pleased to welcome Prime Minister Trudeau and Prime Minister Rutte to London.

During the excellent meetings we had today, we reaffirmed that our three countries stand together in the face of Russia’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine.

In the 12 days since Russia launched this illegal and brutal assault, the world has come together in solidarity with the indomitable people of Ukraine.

Last week, 141 countries – almost three-quarters of all United Nations members – voted to condemn Putin’s war.

And 39 countries – including the UK, Canada and the Netherlands – voted to refer Putin’s actions to the International Criminal Court. This is the largest such action the Court has ever seen and will allow the Attorney General to open an investigation to ensure that Putin cannot commit these crimes with impunity.

As Ukrainians resist Russia’s assaults with courage and tenacity, the international community must assist their struggle in any way possible.

We will only succeed if the entire international community moves with the same spirit of unity that we have seen in recent days.

Justin, Mark and I discussed this today. And later this afternoon, I will speak to the leaders of the United States, France and Germany to better coordinate our action.

To support these efforts, the UK today joins our Dutch and Canadian friends in mobilizing more concrete and sustained support for Ukraine.

Our new “International Support Group for Ukraine” will coordinate the efforts of the international community to provide long-term and unwavering assistance, now and in the future. And we will encourage more countries to join us.

Now is the time for the friends of Ukraine to create a coalition of humanitarian, economic and military defensive support to defeat Putin.

That is why today I am announcing £175m of new UK aid to Ukraine, of which $100m will go directly to the Ukrainian government. This brings the total UK support announced during this crisis to around £400million.

After 12 days it is already clear that Putin miscalculated.

He underestimated the Ukrainians, their heroic resistance and their leader.

He underestimated the unity of the West.

And we will continue to build that unity in the days ahead to ensure that Putin fails in this catastrophic invasion of Ukraine.