We send our warmest greetings to everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year.

Across the country and around the world, families and friends are coming together in person and in spirit to celebrate the possibility and hope of a new beginning.

As we enter this Year of the Tiger – representing strength and courage – let us continue to do the work of our time to defeat this pandemic, rebuild our economy and protect our very democracy, which includes standing up to the hatred that continues to target Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders.

Every person – regardless of race, origin, religion or language – is created equal and deserves to be treated equally throughout their lives. This is the very idea of ​​America and the heart of our administration.

Every day, all of our communities are enriched by the diversity and talents of this nation’s people – from frontline workers and military families to business leaders and community activists to artists, performers, writers and officials.

Together you show what it means to be hope and light for better days ahead. From our family to yours, we wish you peace, prosperity, health, and a happy Lunar New Year.