On behalf of our family, we wish a Merry Christmas to all in the United States and around the world who celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and the promise of hope and renewal.

In this season of joy, we are inspired by the countless Americans who remind us that the things we hold sacred unite us and transcend distance, time, and even the stresses of a pandemic: faith, family, and love. friendship ; a love of the arts, learning and nature; gratitude, service and community; unity and peace. These are the gifts of the heart.

Looking back this year, we have seen tremendous courage, character, resilience and determination in all of you who heal, comfort, teach, protect and serve in ways big and small. You show that there is much to be gained in appreciation and gratitude for the gift of time and goodwill we share as we take care of each other. Again and again you show how precious our differences are and our similarities endless.

We also keep in our prayers all those who have lost loved ones during this pandemic and for whom this Christmas falls with a heavy heart. We pray that you will find strength in sorrow and purpose in pain.

We pray for our service members and their families, and thank them for their service and sacrifice.

And, for the nation, we pray for the promise found in the scriptures – to find light in darkness, which is also perhaps the most American of things to do.

As we celebrate our first Christmas in the White House, we see the world through the eyes of the Child born that day – of hope and love, of peace and joy, and of the light that shines. in all of us.

This holy season is another reminder that we are a great nation because we are a good people.

We are forever honored and grateful to serve as President and First Lady.

Merry Christmas, America.