Today’s decision at the United Nations Security Council is an important step in helping the people of Haiti at this critical time. The swift and unanimous vote in favor of the Security Council resolution proposed by Mexico and the United States, aimed at imposing sanctions and holding accountable those who undermine stability in Haiti, reflects the commitment of the community community to address the challenges that contribute to the dire humanitarian situation in Haiti. These measures will target not only those who engage in or foment violence across Haiti, but also those who fund it.

The United States remains committed to supporting the people of Haiti. We recently delivered security equipment purchased by the Haitian government, including tactical and armored vehicles and supplies, which will assist the Haitian National Police in its fight against criminal actors. And USAID staff are currently on the ground, working alongside Haitian health workers and NGOs to respond to the cholera outbreak and provide care to those in need. We will also continue to engage with the international community on additional steps we can take at the UN.