On Thursday, August 25, President-elect William Ruto graced the swearing-in ceremony for the new Nairobi County Governor, Johnson Sakaja.

The ceremony took place at the Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC) in the central business district of Nairobi.

Here is his full speech.

Newly elected Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja (left) and President-elect William Ruto shake hands during the swearing-in ceremony for the former as Nairobi Governor on August 15, 2022.


“Your Excellency Governor Johnson Arthur Sakaja and your good MP James Njoroge Muchiri and your families, the elected officials present here, the Chief Executive Officer of NMS (Nairobi Metropolitan Services) and the great people of Nairobi good afternoon, hamjambo.

Allow me to join the people of Nairobi in congratulating you, Governor Johnson Sakaja, your deputy and your team on a wonderful election period which I have shared with you and many other Nairobians and Kenyans.

We have come here to witness your inauguration as Governor of Nairobi. I want to say from my family and I congratulations. Congratulations to the UDA and Kenya Kwanza family. You have made us proud.

I want to take this opportunity at this very early time not only to congratulate you but also to wish you good luck as you take the reins as Governor of his great city which is also the capital of the Republic of Kenya.

As I congratulate you, Governor, I also want to congratulate all the other Governors who are being sworn in today across Kenya. I know that approximately 45 governors will be sworn in today or have already been sworn in. I want to say to all the Governors of the Republic of Kenya, congratulations.

And I promise that the government of Kenya will work with all governors to make Kenya a great nation.

In a very special way, allow me to convey very special congratulations to the elected women Governors of the Republic of Kenya. In this election, Kenyans made another historic decision. Of the three who were elected in 2017, we now have seven women elected governors and I want to congratulate the women of Kenya and those who were elected.

Very special congratulations to Fatuma Achani, elected Governor of Kwale County. Very special congratulations to Cecily Mbarire, the Governor-elect of Embu County. Very special congratulations to Anne Mumbi Waiguru, the Governor-elect of Kirinyaga County. Very special congratulations to Faith Kawira, the Governor-elect of Meru County.

Very special congratulations to Wavinya Ndeti, the Governor-elect of Machakos County. Very special congratulations to Gladys Wanga, Governor-elect of Homa Bay County. And of course very special congratulations to Susan Kihika Mburu, the Governor-elect of Nakuru County.

To all of these great women, we wish you well as you take on the responsibilities of governor in your counties. And to all the other Governors who have been elected, I want to say just two things to our Governors starting with my good friend Governor Johnson Sakaja, you will have the undivided support of the Government of Kenya as you carry out your responsibilities in your counties.

I know, having been President of the Intergovernmental Council for the Budget and the Economy, that we have had difficulties on issues related to the timely release of shareable revenues. I would like to promise all our Governors that the Government of Kenya in the future will allow shareable revenues to be released on time and in accordance with the law and the constitution so that we can better manage our counties and enable you to fulfill your mandate and the commitment you have made to the constituents of your ridings.

We will also work with you to ensure counties build capacity to raise resources from their own revenue stream to enable additional resources so that you can better deliver the services and mandate assigned to you. by the constitution of your counties.

I also want to commit to hard work. I have already discussed this with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) on how to generate revenue. I want to commit to working with you so that Kenya can live within its means and there are no big men or big girls, that the rule will equalize every Kenyan so that every one of us can pay his taxes.

There will be no exemption for anyone due to the payment of taxes. I want to commit myself that in the future, the rule of law will be the benchmark. That all of us, no matter who we are, are expected to live by the rule of law.

I want to assure all my fellow leaders that we will work together to make Kenya a land of opportunity. May every hard working citizen of the Republic of Kenya access opportunities without needing to have a connection.

As we move forward, and especially in the city of Nairobi, you know, my brother Johnson, you are a miracle candidate. That your election as Governor of Nairobi is indeed a miracle and it would not have happened without God.

And I want to appreciate that you understood and emphasized the place of faith and God in your election. I want to tell you, my friend and brother, we will work with you, we have faith in you, we are proud of you and we know that the city of Nairobi has the best it can as a county governor.

I will also be available to consult, you know the commitments we have made to the people of Nairobi regarding market infrastructure, and the commitment we have made regarding garbage collection and management. The commitment that we have made in transport infrastructure for the great city of Nairobi, and you know the commitment that we have made to ensure that every hustle and bustle will count in the great city of Nairobi. I will be there to support you.

And finally, you and I have already discussed making Nairobi’s rivers places of opportunity, enterprise and business as opposed to what they are today – a place of filth and raw sewage .

You and I discussed the Nairobi Rivers Commission, I look forward to the consultation so that we can set it up and start making this great city a city of dignity and a city of opportunity.

To all my fellow citizens of the Republic, you spoke to us loud and clear. I want to ask all leaders to listen to the strong message that comes from the citizens of our country. Citizens tell us loud and clear that they want our politics to be non-tribal and peaceful. In this election, we saw a very new phenomenon, we all voted and the next day we were ready to go to work, and we were ready to go on with our lives and everyone to his hustle.

This is the strong message that comes from the people of Kenya to those of us who are leaders. I ask all of us to listen to what the Kenyan people are saying so that we can conclude the remaining stages of our election in a peaceful, orderly and respectful manner. Respect all institutions that will carry out their responsibilities because we are a country governed by the rule of law and the constitution.

I would like to conclude by asking all the leaders of the great city of Nairobi, the members of the county assembly and the workers of the great city of Nairobi to join the new leadership under Johnson Sakaja and take our great city to the next step level.

And I want to commit and promise that we will be available to work with you because Nairobi is our collective business.

Asanteni sana, God bless you.

Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja holding his official oath document with a judge at the KICC on August 24, 2022

Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja holding his official oath document with a judge at the KICC on August 24, 2022