Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on the occasion of the Congress delegation’s visit to Malaysia:

“Today, our Congressional delegation was honored to be received by Prime Minister Ismail Sabri and Foreign Minister Saifuddin. We engaged in a broad discussion on promoting our common goals for a free and sure.

“The Prime Minister’s meeting followed an interparliamentary exchange chaired by Speaker of the Malaysian Parliament Azhar Harun. The discussion focused on security challenges, economic opportunities and governance priorities.

“In each of our meetings, we expressed our appreciation for Malaysia’s vote at the United Nations on Russia’s aggression and their leadership within ASEAN on the repudiation of Burma for its murderous crackdown on dissent. .

“Our governance conversations focused on integrity in government, tackling the climate crisis and tackling COVID.

“We agreed to continue collaborating on our common security interests, economic priorities, trade, human trafficking and climate issues.

“The visit was very productive, and we thank Ambassador Brian D. McFeeters and the Embassy staff for making it so.