Polls are closed and votes are now being counted in Michigan’s August 2022 primary election.

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All eyes are on the GOP gubernatorial race between Tudor Dixon, Ryan Kelley, Kevin Rinke, Garrett Soldano and Ralph Rebandt. Whoever comes out on top will face incumbent Governor Gretchen Whitmer in November’s general election.

GOP Race for Governor

One thing that separates the five candidates is the endorsement of former President Donald Trump. That endorsement came just days before the election and went to Tudor Dixon.

Tudor Dixon awaits primary election night results at Grand Rapids watch party

Dixon, the only female candidate on the GOP primary ticket, is a former steel industry executive, conservative media host and horror movie actress. Education is Dixon’s main problem. She is strongly opposed to the teaching of critical race theory and gender studies and wants more parental choice in the curriculum. On day one, Dixon said she would sign stalled legislation giving parents more power over what their children learn.

Ryan Kelley, an Allendale realtor, pleaded not guilty earlier this year to misdemeanor charges after authorities said he rallied Trump supporters to storm the US Capitol.

Ryan Kelley awaits primary election night results at a private watch party

Kevin Rinke is the CEO of a group of car dealerships. Rinke makes education and business development his top priorities. He wants more parental input in the classroom, plans to ban critical race theory and gender studies, and wants to see all Michigan public schools at 95% literacy by the time he leaves. hypothetically its functions.

Kevin Rinke awaits primary election night results at Oakland County Watch Party

Political outsider Garrett Soldano is a chiropractor by trade. Soldano says education and nuclear power are his two main issues. In addition to banning critical race theory and equity, diversity and inclusion positions in public schools, Soldano says he also wants more parental involvement in school decisions.

Garrett Soldano Awaits Primary Election Night Results at Kalamazoo Watch Party

Ralph Rebandt is a longtime Oakland County pastor. Rebandt wants to make Michigan an open state. Currently, Michigan is one of only two states, along with Massachusetts, that shields the legislature and governor from Freedom of Information Act requests.

Ralph Rebandt awaits primary election night results at a watch party

GOP Third Congressional District Race

One of the nation’s most watched primary races is taking place in western Michigan, in the newly drawn 3rd congressional district. Incumbent Republican Peter Meijer takes on Trump-endorsed challenger John Gibbs.

Peter Meijer awaits primary election night results at Grand Rapids watch party

Due to district redistricting, people can vote in a different district this year. This is especially true for Michigan’s 3rd congressional district, which covered most of Kent County as well as Ionia, Barry, and Calhoun counties. The redrawn district still represents most of Kent County, but now also goes west, to the lakeshore with parts of Muskegon and Ottawa counties, completely changing the composition of the district.

John Gibbs awaits the results of the evening of the primary elections

GOP second congressional district race

The 2nd Congressional District covers a number of western Michigan counties including Newaygo, Mecosta, Montcalm, and sections of Kent and Muskegon.

Moolenaar takes on Norton in 2nd Congressional District primary race

The two Republicans in the running for the primary are John Moolenaar and Tom Norton.

The winner would face Democrat Jerry Hilliard in November.

Kent Millage County Senior Services

Voters in Kent County will decide whether or not to renew their seniors service mile.

The service mileage for the elderly was first approved in 1998.

If approved this time, the mileage would be renewed for eight years.

The mileage rate is the same as in previous years, set at 0.50 mils.

That works out to an extra $8.40 per month for the average homeowner.

The village offers additional services to residents aged 60 and over.

Kent County Veterans Village

Kent County voters will also decide whether or not to renew their veterans’ mileage.

It was first approved in 2014 and voters are again invited to sign up for another eight years.

The mileage rate is the same as before at 0.05 mills.

That’s about $5 a year for the average homeowner.

The mileage helps with veteran outreach and emergency services, as well as housing, mental health treatment and more.

Broadband proposal in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, voters are weighing a proposed tax increase that would build new high-speed internet infrastructure in the city.

Officials say the pandemic has highlighted the need for this service with more people working from home. Opponents say that while the idea is good in theory, it will cause problems down the road.

Muskegon County Central Dispatch Mile Renewal

A mileage renewal is on the table in Muskegon County to support the 911 dispatch center.

Executives say they are overburdened with just 11 people and hope to train new staff every day.

Nearly half of the personnel budget comes from this mileage.

Muskegon Dispatch campaigns for mileage renewal

The renewal request is 0.3 million, or about $30 per year for the average owner.

Dispatchers say the money goes a long way to making sure someone can answer when you call.

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