OTTAWA, ON, August 15, 2021 / CNW / – I am happy to greet those from coast to coast and around the world who are celebrating National Acadian Day.

On this day of celebration, let’s take the time to learn more about the inspiring history of Acadia, which is filled with stories of courage, resilience and solidarity. This lasting collective heritage that we are celebrating today bears witness to the remarkable perseverance of entire generations of Acadians in overcoming adversity.

Their unwavering determination has fostered the development of a rich and dynamic culture that continues to stand out within the great Canadian family. The Acadian people have every reason to be proud of their distinct identity and to celebrate it with enthusiasm today, in all its diversity.

I look forward to meeting the Acadian communities soon.

Until then, I wish everyone a happy birthday!

Marie simon
governor general of Canada

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SOURCE Governor General of Canada

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