OTTAWA (ON), January 27, 2022 /CNW/ – Walk down the street in your community and you will see from Canada the diversity. You will meet people of different religions, backgrounds and languages. Each person has a story, their own journey that brought them to this country, to this street, to this precise moment.

During the Holocaust, Jews stopped walking their streets. Instead, they hid in forests, dug holes for shelters, huddled in barns and attics. And six million of them would never see their streets again. Their journey ended in cruelty and inhumanity.

Today we celebrate International Holocaust Remembrance Day. A day when the Jewish community comes together, alongside so many other minority communities who have lost people during this time. And with one voice, they say “Never again”.

On this day, look beyond casualty statistics to individual stories of survival and loss, courage and resilience. Together, let’s look to a future without hate or anti-Semitism, where we can be free to worship, to come together, to speak and to love in our own way, without fear.

As we remember the past, let us all work to reconcile the darkness of humanity with the bright future we are all entitled to share.

Mary Simon

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