Featured: What’s going on in the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

– Russian forces capture first major Ukrainian city, Kherson, Ukrainian officials report.

– Ultimatum given to Mariupol, city ​​of 430,000, get to

– Ukrainian authorities say over 2,000 civilians killed in Russian attack.

– Loud explosion heard near Kiev train station

– Kremlin dissident Alexei Navalny urge the Russians to take to the streets to protest against the war. Already thousandshave already been arrested.

– 141 countries in the United Nations General Assembly vote for condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine (35 abstentions, 5 votes against)

– A second round of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine take place later todayKremlin spokesman confirms

Sweden reports illegal trespass in its airspace since Russian fighter planes.

40 mile long Russian military convoy is now around 32 kilometer(s) from Kyiv

– Global sanctions against Russia have rendered the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline unviable

– Biden promises “make Putin pay” for invasion in his State of the Union address; implements a no-fly zone for Russian aircraft about the United States

Elon Musk’s SpaceX provides the Ukrainian army with an Internet connection via Starlink satellite network

What you need to know about conflict

– Will Putin be able to stay in power after his decision to invade Ukraine?

– What sanctions have been imposed on Russia? What are the main imports and exports to Russia from the United States?

– Is the United States protected from a nuclear strike?

– Russian invasion threatens global crop supply and could exacerbate world hunger

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