Explosions on Monday rocked several towns across Ukraine, including missile strikes on the capital Kyiv for the first time in months, hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin called a blast a ‘terrorist act’ Saturday on the huge bridge linking Russia to its annexed territory of Crimea. orchestrated by the Ukrainian special services. According to reports, at least eight people were killed and more than 24 injured.

The first strikes on Kyiv in four months targeted the center of the city and left people dead and injured, a spokesman for the emergency services told the AP.
Explosions were reported in the city’s Shevchenko district, a large area in central Kyiv that includes the historic Old Town as well as several government offices, Mayor Vitali Klitschko said. Lesia Vasylenko, a member of Ukraine’s parliament, posted a photo on Twitter showing that at least one explosion occurred near the main building of Kyiv National University in central Kyiv.

After the first morning strikes in Kyiv, louder explosions were heard later in the morning in an escalation of Russia’s attack that could mean a major escalation in the war.

Elsewhere, Russia targeted civilian areas and energy infrastructure as air raid sirens sounded in all parts of Ukraine, except Russian-annexed Crimea, for four straight hours.