Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb speaks with reporters Wednesday, December 15, 2021, during the Dentons Legislative Conference at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Holcomb announced a plan that his office said would allow taxpayers to receive $ 125 in reimbursement from the state’s growing budget surplus.Tom davies

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb to deliver the annual state of the state address on Tuesday night to state lawmakers as he faces disagreements with his fellow Republicans on some issues keys.

House Republicans are pushing for a proposal that would require companies to allow exemptions from all workplace COVID-19 vaccination requirements and a bill providing broad tax cuts for businesses and the details. The proposals face doubts from Holcomb and Republican Senate leaders, but are subject to debate as the legislative session continues into March.

Holcomb touted the big jump in state tax collections that trigger payments of $ 125 to all taxpayers under Indiana’s Automatic Taxpayer Refund Act. Holcomb said he was open to possible tax cuts, but said he would rather wait for such a move until a new two-year state budget is drafted in 2023 and ‘there is more certainty about the economy.

The governor has so far avoided taking a position on a conservative push to demand that classroom materials be reviewed by parent review boards and impose restrictions on teaching on racism and political matters.

Democrats criticized the Republican-dominated legislature for paying attention to divisive cultural issues rather than tackling issues like Indiana’s high costs for child care and medical expenses.