The Telangana state cabinet, which met here under Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Sunday to approve the annual budget for the year 2022-23, is said to have taken Governor Tamilisai’s confrontational attitude seriously. Soundararajan towards the state government.

An official in the chief minister’s office familiar with the developments said the cabinet had a brief discussion on Tamilisai’s statement released to the media on Saturday night, finding fault with the government to start the budget session of the state assembly on Monday without the usual governor’s speech.

“The government has already made it clear that the governor’s speech at the start of the budget session was only avoided for technical reasons, as this is not the new session but only a continuation of the previous session of the assembly. which was adjourned sine die on October 8. The cabinet felt the governor deliberately chose to make it a controversy,” the official said.

The cabinet decided that the government would provide a response to the governor’s statement in due course.

According to a spokesman from the Chief Minister’s Office, there were no problems with the Raj Bhavan in the first two years and it was only in recent months that Tamilisai adopted a confrontational attitude towards the TRS government. .

“When the state cabinet recommended the appointment of TRS leader P Kaushik Reddy as a member of the state Legislative Council (MLC) under the governor’s quota, it neither approved nor rejected it. . She deliberately kept the file in abeyance despite government reminders,” the spokesperson said.

Likewise, the governor also avoided taking a decision on the recommendation of the state government to appoint a senior member of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslieen (AIMIM) as the pro-tem chairwoman of the legislative council of the state. state and only gave consent after the government cited precedents.

“Tamilisai also read his own speech on Republic Day this year to Raj Bhavan, although the state cabinet did not approve such a speech. As there were no public celebrations of the day of the Republic due to the pandemic this year, the government had not prepared any governor’s speech, yet she chose to make her own speech only to embarrass the government,” the spokesperson pointed out.

He also said that during the governor’s speech in the 2021-22 budget session, Tamilisai added a few paragraphs of his own in the speech, which were not approved by the cabinet.

“All of these developments indicate the Governor’s shift in stance toward the TRS government. It is essential that the governor takes a give-and-take approach to state government, instead of acting as a puppet in the hands of the Center. It’s better if it corrects itself at least now,” the CMO spokesperson said.

The governor’s office has yet to respond to the accusations made by the TRS government.


    Srinivasa Rao is Deputy Editor based in Hyderabad covering developments in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. He has over three decades of reporting experience.
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