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CHARLESTON, West Virginia —

Governor Jim Justice today issued the following statement regarding his medical condition following his diagnosis of COVID-19 on Tuesday:

“I feel even better today than yesterday. I miss being in the office and am excited to be back to work very soon,” Governor Justice said. “I will never, ever forget all the prayers and wishes I received. I can’t tell you how much Cathy and I appreciate them.

“Having this terrible disease for yourself gives you a whole new perspective,” Governor Justice continued. “I’ve never been sick like this before. I felt good on Monday, and on Tuesday I was in very bad shape.

“I truly believe that my choice to get vaccinated and boosted saved my life. People might say, ‘This is Governor Justice, he got vaccinated and he still got sick. And to those people, I would say, ‘This is Governor Justice speaking to you today.’ That’s the difference Governor Justice didn’t end up in the hospital, the intensive care unit or, God forbid, worse.

“I’m really, really pleading with every West Virginian: Get your shot and get your booster shot. This disease is no fun. It hits you fast and fast when you least expect it. It’s something nasty. Now, more than ever, I urge you to protect yourself and your family.

This will be the Governor’s last daily health update unless circumstances require another to be released at a later date.