On Monday, the state Court of Appeals granted a full stay to keep Gov. Kathy Hochul’s order in place.

NEW YORK — New developments surround the mask mandate debate in New York.

On Monday, the New York State Court of Appeals granted a full stay to keep Governor Kathy Hochul’s order in place.

The move comes after last week’s decision to temporarily reinstate the warrant, while the appeal plays out in court.

Governor Hochul released this statement on Monday:

“I commend the Appeal Division, Second Department, for granting a full reprieve to keep our masking regulations in place for the duration of our appeal. My primary responsibility as Governor is to ensure the safety of New -Yorkers. Mask regulations keep our schools and businesses safe and open, protect vulnerable New Yorkers, and are essential tools as we work to weather this winter surge. Thanks to our efforts , including the regulation of masks, cases are declining and we are seeing major progress in the fight against COVID-19. I thank the Attorney General and his team for their defense of these common sense measures, and I am confident that we We will continue to prevail. We are committed to doing everything in our power to keep New Yorkers safe.

On Friday, Governor Hochul recently extended the mandate of the mask until February 10.

New York Attorney General Letitia James also released a statement late Monday after her office’s motion to keep the statewide mask mandate in effect during the appeal.

“We are pleased with today’s decision by the Appellate Division, Second Department to preserve the statewide mask mandate pending appeal. Wearing a mask saves lives. The mandate masks and today’s decision will assist us in our efforts to combat this virus. My office will continue to use its full authority to keep New Yorkers safe.”

The mask warrant was due to expire on Monday evening.