QUEBEC, July 25, 2022 /CNW/ – Quebec–Her Excellency the Right Honorable Mary Simon, Governor General of Canadatoday released the following statement regarding His Holiness Pope Francis’ apology to Maskwacis, alberta:

“Today survivors, their families and communities across the country heard His Holiness Pope Francis apologize, expressing words of deep sadness, regret and horror for the abuses suffered in the residential school system. .

There are some undeniable facts. Truths of our history difficult to face. We know that aboriginal children have been cruelly taken from their homes. Families have been torn apart. And the impact of those actions reverberates to this day. Indigenous peoples, especially survivors, have lived with a legacy of abuse that has scarred their lives and those who love them. Some children and families never recovered. Some children never returned home.

Over the years, months and weeks leading up to this historic moment, Indigenous communities have shown nothing but bravery, courage and resilience as they seek to issue a meaningful apology. Today was a day that moved us forward, giving survivors words that can help them heal. Yet it is also a day that can stir up complex emotions, especially as the papal visit continues. It is up to each Survivor and their family to decide how they feel and what they need to move forward. And it’s up to each of us to continue to embrace hope and support reconciliation not just with words, but with actions.

Today we are reminded that human beings are imperfect and that institutions can do great harm without vigilant leadership. But it also reminds us that the human spirit can endure and that by working together we can make real progress through reconciliation.

For Indigenous peoples, this is neither the beginning nor the end of the healing journey. As a country, we need to ask ourselves, “Where do we want to go next? Who do we want to be? As we continue our conversation on reconciliation, let us all work together in the spirit of hope and renewal to help build a more just society and a better future. »

Mary Simon

Governor General’s Statement Regarding His Holiness Pope Francis’ Statement in Maskwacis | The Governor General of Canada (

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