Governor General David Hurley has come under fire for comments he made about the Queen while representing Australia at her Platinum Jubilee.

Mr Hurley was asked about the possibility of Australia becoming a republic, with his subsequent response raising eyebrows after mentioning the Queen’s possible death.

“I think right now people are focusing on the Queen and then when she leaves, when she passes, then the succession comes, there’s a new discussion in Australia,” he said.

2GB radio host Ben Fordham took issue with the comment, calling it “weird” on his Monday morning show.

“It’s his big birthday, 70 years on the throne,” he said.

“Imagine going to someone’s birthday or birthday party and saying, ‘Now listen when she’s gone.’

Camera iconGovernor General David Hurley. Credit: Provided

“Well no, you’re not talking about that now.

“While he might be right, I thought that was a weird comment to make at this very important celebration.

“We just shouldn’t be talking about the Queen passing away when she is alive and well.”

Fordham’s views were echoed by former Victorian Prime Minister Jeff Kennett, who called Mr Hurley’s comments ‘totally off topic’.

GDE Australian Ninja Warrior - Ben Fordham
Camera iconGDE Australian Ninja Warrior – Ben Fordham Credit: Provided/Provided

“Australia’s Governor-General David Hurley was totally off duty, as the Queen’s representative in Australia, attending the UK church service celebrating the Queen’s 70th birthday to speak about her passing and what which Australia may choose in the future,” he tweeted.

“Beyond his record!”

It comes after Matt Thistlethwaite was appointed deputy republican minister last week, renewing speculation that Australia could become a republic and move away from a monarchy under the new Labor government.

Mr Thistlethwaite also seemed to suggest that the time for a republic might come after the death of the Queen.

“I would like to congratulate the Queen on her jubilee and her reign,” he told Sky News.

“I think she was a fantastic monarch and a leader of the Commonwealth.

“But as she comes into the twilight of her reign, I think Australians are naturally starting to wonder what’s next for Australia.

Election debate
Camera iconDeputy Minister for the Republic, Matt Thistlethwaite. Credit: News Corp Australia

“Do we want King Charles or are we mature or independent enough to consider appointing one of our own as head of state.”

Fordham also disputed Mr Thistlethwaite’s comments, saying now was not the time to mention a republic or the Queen’s successor.

“It’s a time of celebration, focus on the good stuff, the party, the achievement, the record,” he said.

“There is no King Charles, there is Queen Elizabeth II.

“It is a very important celebration and we are part of this celebration. The moment is dreadful.