Governor General David Hurley has tested positive for COVID-19[feminine].

Government House confirmed the diagnosis on Sunday evening, saying General Hurley had “only mild symptoms”.

“He is in isolation at Admiralty House and will continue to follow all health advice and instructions,” the Office of the Governor General’s Official Secretary said in a statement.

Governor General David Hurley spoke with veterans after Afghanistan fell to the Taliban. (Government House)

“Recent close contacts have been notified. His Excellency is doubly vaccinated and has received his booster.

“His Excellency will carry out his official duties virtually while self-isolating.”

The Governor General of Australia and the Governor of New South Wales are representatives of the Queen.

News of the head of state’s infection came just hours after Government House Sydney announced that New South Wales Governor Margaret Beazley had tested positive.

“His Excellency is experiencing mild flu-like symptoms and is resting at Government House,” a spokesperson said. “The Governor’s immediate program has been canceled in accordance with advice from NSW Health.”

“Organizations the vice-regal couple have interacted with in recent days have been notified.”

Lieutenant Governor TF Bathurst will replace the Governor as needed.

NSW Governor Margaret Beazley has COVID-19. (Getty)

Her husband, Dennis Wilson, had also tested positive and both were fully vaccinated, a spokesperson said.

The Governor-General and Governor are the Queen’s representatives in Australia and New South Wales.