(Juneau) – Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy released this statement on the suspension of the right-of-way for the Ambler Access Project.

“In February, the Department of the Interior reopened an environmental impact statement for the Ambler Access Project which had undergone seven years of rigorous federal review and requested that the Ambler Road right-of-way be suspended. Today, the Biden administration suspended that hold, saying sustenance and consultation with Alaska Natives were not seen as enough, despite 18 hearings in rural communities and 29,000 written comments received in total, and 50 pages of mitigation measures focused on preventing livelihood disruption and protecting cultural resources.

This suspension is another hasty move by the Biden administration. They are rushing to green energy, while chaining traditional oil and gas development, and not considering the need to secure mineral supply chains for all the electric car batteries they want from here. 2030 and half a million charging stations. It does not mean anything. The Biden administration is blocking development of a road to a mining district with cobalt for lithium batteries and copper for charging station wires. By suspending the Ambler Road project’s right-of-way, the Biden administration is ignoring the gallium and germanium there that will be needed for tomorrow’s solar panels, smartphones and computer chips.

Mr. President, are you going to brush this off like you did your reduction in domestic oil production as you look to Iran and Venezuela for more oil? Should we continue to import cobalt from Congo for all your green energy projects? President Biden, you would think you would want to improve access to US sources of copper and other strategic minerals to increase renewable energy, not stop it.

Once again, your energy policies do not make sense.