DENVER (AP) — Colorado’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl on Monday chose as her running mate a Navy veteran who claimed President Joe Biden was not legitimately elected president in 2020.

Danny Moore lost a previous position due to his position on the presidential election. His fellow commissioners on the state’s Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission removed him as president last year after he posted Facebook posts in which he claimed Biden was ‘elected by Democratic flight’. .

Moore’s language echoed false claims by President Donald Trump and his supporters that mass voter fraud threw the election in Biden, which Trump’s own Justice Department said was not true. .

Several Holocaust deniers lost the Republican primaries in Colorado last month, including Greg Lopez, a former suburban Denver mayor who challenged Ganahl for the gubernatorial nomination. A member of the Colorado University Board of Regents, Ganahl has yet to emphasize election denial during his campaign, refusing to answer questions about whether Biden was legitimately elected and instead focusing on economic and security issues. .

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She continued to do so by announcing her selection of Moore as a candidate for lieutenant governor.

“Danny is a wonderful addition to our winning team,” Ganahl said in a statement. “We share a common vision to reduce the soaring cost of living, gas prices, crime rates in Colorado, and we are committed to putting our children first.”

Election deniers won Republican primaries to oversee elections in states including Alabama, New Mexico and Nevada, and a prominent Holocaust denier won the party’s nomination to become governor in Pennsylvania, where he would appoint the most top state election official if he won in the fall. .

In Colorado, the office of lieutenant governor is primarily a ceremonial role. This person becomes the chief executive when the governor leaves the state or if the governor becomes incapacitated or dies in office.

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