On Monday morning October 24, Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in Kargil to celebrate Diwali with our brave soldiers. Since taking office in 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been celebrating Diwali by spending time with soldiers in forward areas of states including Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab and the Territory of Israel. Union of Jammu and Kashmir.

Prime Minister Modi also addressed the gathering of Jawans in Kargil. Here are some of the best nuggets:

Diwali symbolizes the “celebration of the end of terror”

“Diwali symbolizes ‘celebration of the end of terror’. Our forces have crushed the source of terror on Diwali in Kargil. There has not been a single war with Pakistan where Kargil has not hoisted the flag of victory. Diwali means ‘feast of the end. of terror’ and Kargil has made it possible.”

PM Modi on the sacrifices of the armed forces

“A nation becomes immortal when the heads of its soldiers stand as high as the Himalayas. Nothing can resist the strength and courage of the Indian army. The armed forces protect our borders so that every Indian citizen sleeps peacefully. I bow to the spirit of the armed forces of India, your sacrifices have always made our country proud.

PM Modi on the Russian-Ukrainian War

“During the war in Ukraine, we saw how our national flag became a shield for our citizens stranded there. Respect for India has increased across the world. This is happening because India is resisting with success to its internal and external enemies.”

“The induction of women officers will result in the growth of our power”

“To help the soldiers of this country fulfill their responsibilities, we are developing high-tech infrastructure in border areas with seamless connectivity. The induction of female officers will result in the growth of our power and strengthen our strength.”

PM Modi on the war on corruption

“Just as you protect us all at the borders, we work inside the country to fight evils like terrorism, ‘Naxalwaad’, corruption. ‘Naxalwaad’ had taken much of the nation in its grip, but today that extent is rapidly diminishing.India is successfully fighting its internal and external enemies.We are also waging a war against corruption.

“Aatmanirbharta is the mantra of the new India”

“Aatmanirbhar Bharat is most important for the nation’s security and the country’s dependence on foreign weapons and systems should be minimal. Aatmanirbharta is the mantra of the new India. Our goal is to prepare for the future of the armed forces. Key weapons are now made in India.”

“We have Made-In-India INS Vikrant in the seas, Arihant to protect us underwater and Tejas to protect our skies. BrahMos supersonic missiles, Tejas fighter jets display India’s confident prowess.”

“India wants peace but we are also ready to fight back”

“War has always been the last option for India. Be it war in Lanka or Kurukshetra, we have tried till the end to postpone it. India wants peace but we are also ready to fight back We are against war but peace cannot be there without strength If anyone dares to look at us with evil eyes, our armed forces will give a suitable answer.