The Governor General, His Excellency, Sir David Vunagi has declared a curfew for the city of Honiara from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily from November 26 until revoked.

The curfew is necessary for the preservation of public safety under the Public Safety Preservation Act due to the current security situation.

During the period, only authorized agents are allowed to move around the city.
The public is therefore invited to respect the curfew. Those who violate the restrictions will be prosecuted.

Many buildings in East Honiara have already been burned down and stores looted. The prime minister’s residence in Lunga was stoned by youths, but was saved when police intervened.

Residents of Honiara are now experiencing food shortages, with the only operational stores west of Honiara imposing shopping limits and shorter opening hours.

On Wednesday, protesters stormed the National Parliament in Honiara and set fire to a police station and buildings in Chinatown. The police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. On Thursday, protesters set fire to buildings and looted shops.

Police are slowly taking control of the situation with the arrival of Australian police last night.


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