CLAIM: The Governor General of Canada “said she needed 958,000 emails to remove” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from office.

FACTS: The Office of the Secretary to the Governor General said “no such registry or process exists.” Social media users have been circulating an erroneous claim in recent days suggesting Trudeau will be removed if enough emails are submitted. “The Governor General of Canada said she needed 958,000 emails to remove Trudeau,” read the fake message shared on social media platforms. The message includes contact information and instructions for people to send Mary Simon, the Governor General, a “vote of non-confidence to remove Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister.”

But the secretary’s office directed the AP to a statement it released on Tuesday that said the office was “aware that misinformation encouraging citizens to contact the governor general or our office to register votes of no confidence is circulating on social networks.” social. This information is not correct. No such registry or process exists.

Philippe Lagassé, an associate professor of international affairs at Carleton University with an expertise on the Canadian government, said such emails to officials could be a way “to draw attention to the cause these people are advancing.” . But, he said in an email, a governor general “would not remove a prime minister based on a petition or emails from the public. This is just how the constitution works now.

One of the duties of the Governor General, who also acts as Commander-in-Chief, is to ensure that Canada has a Prime Minister and a government that has the confidence of Parliament. Lagassé said that a governor general has the legal power to remove a prime minister, but “shall not remove a prime minister so long as he holds the confidence of the House of Commons or seeks to gain the confidence (after an election, e.g. example. )” “The only other cases in which the prime minister could be removed from office is if he flagrantly violates the constitution” or engages in criminal activity, he added.

—Angelo Fichera