Argentina leaders condemn Johnson’s speech, but insist on humanitarian flights

Monday, December 27, 2021 – 09:55 UTC

Argentina insists it has nothing to do with LATAM Airlines no longer serving the Falklands

Argentine authorities this weekend condemned an announcement by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson regarding the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War next year.

In his Christmas message to the islanders, Johnson assured that one thing that remained absolutely unchanged was the UK’s commitment to the Falkland Islands and its people.

This is as firm a commitment as it was when General Moore accepted General Menendez’s surrender. And I can promise you now that that won’t change, ?? he added.

Johnson also recalled that “even the International Table Tennis Federation recognized, in the face of loud protests from certain sectors, the inviolable sovereignty of the Falklands table tennis players”.

Following these statements, the Argentinian secretary of the Malvinas, Guillermo Carmona, replied that “appealing to military arguments is something unnecessary”. Carmona added that “when reason fails, militarist rhetoric emerges. He also regretted that Johnson’s speech seemed to ignore “38 years of Argentine democracy”. The official also said he was confident Argentina would regain its sovereignty over the islands – appealing to the reasons given to us by international law and the exercise of diplomacy.

Meanwhile, Tierra del Fuego Governor Gustavo Melella said Johnson’s comments were “a violation of international law.” and dozens of United Nations resolutions that “demand an end to colonialism in the world.”

At the same time, Argentina’s Foreign Ministry insisted again this weekend that everything was ready to offer humanitarian flights to Chilean citizens residing in the Falkland Islands and who are stranded there, unable to return to their country. , since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the cancellation of scheduled air services between the islands and the South American mainland.

The Foreign Office said it had recognized the British government’s argument that most people were from Chile, which is why the new offer involves flights from Argentina to pick up Chilean nationals and bring it directly to Punta Arenas or any other Chilean airport. “To deal with personal, health or family matters”.

The Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs has insisted that neither the cause of the isolation suffered by the inhabitants of Malvinas nor any negative element can be attributed to the Argentine Republic, given the gesture of goodwill that our government has expressed. and reiterated.