Hi the NL team!

May we please that Mr. Abhinandan no longer runs out of Haftas in the coming weeks, especially as the election season heats up, as it is not the same without his good remarks and ideas! Are the annual Ramnath Roenka awards still relevant with Akash sir?

PS: In last week’s Hafta, it was great to hear Raman Sir talk a lot more. I loved his ideas, please keep it this way, Mr. Raman!


Wouldn’t it be great to have a short YouTube clip (with Abhinandan) that introduces viewers to everything that Laundry Is it that? All products (Hafta, Awful and Awesome, Charcha, Tippani, articles, etc.) should be mentioned there so that subscribers know what they are getting when they take out a subscription. Paying to keep news free is fine, but with so much value that NL offers, it is criminal not to highlight it. Love to everyone in NL. Cheers!



Dear NL team,

I am by no means a legal expert, but I spent a lot of time reading about this topic and wanted to share it with you, please give your opinion on this.

The 104th Constitutional Amendment extended Article 332 (SC / ST reservation in legislation) for an additional 10 years, but not 331 and 333 (Anglo-Indian nominated seats to Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha respectively). This in itself was somewhat controversial at the time, but I found another point of contention that relates to the Telangana legislature. The assembly has a strength of 119 and with the power of the governor to appoint an Anglo Indian under 333 this meant that the assembly had a total sanctioned force of 120. Section 171 allows states with a total sanctioned force of more than 120 seats to have a legislative council which Telangana has, but because 333 were not extended by parliament after 2020, after the dissolution of the current assembly, the total number of sanctioned seats in Telangana will not be than 119, which makes their legislative council unconstitutional under 171! To add to this under this same article, a legislative council can only be dissolved by a state assembly by passing a special majority (2/3) resolution!

So in my opinion this should lead to a catch 22 where it will be unconstitutional whether the legislative council exists or is dissolved! Am I overthinking or is this really a blunder on the part of parliament? It’s not that it’s not easy to solve, but I found this observation interesting!




I loved it when you had Anurag on the show. I need more Bahujan and Pasmanda voices on Hafta, please !!!!!



Dear NL Hafta,

Recently, videos were leaked of a “Dharam Sansad” in Haridwar where comments were made about Hindus who were supposed to kill Muslims (in self-defense, of course). While horrifying and terrifying, it was actually surprising for exactly zero Muslims in India. This is how “some people” are winning elections now.

Question for the press: While this is undoubtedly a hot topic, it also motivates some voters because they agree with the opinions expressed in the videos. In the United States, the press reporting all the crazy things Trump has said has earned him millions of dollars in free publicity. Is this the case here too? What is the duty of the press in this regard?

Finally, thank you all for your work. Hafta is a little reward at the end of each week, and I really appreciate it.

To Jayashree: continue the rants, they are excellent. But I don’t understand why, when you are tormented by all Hindis, you don’t ask your friends to write NL Hafta using Tamil words. It would be a good experience for the other members of Hafta.

Thank you very much,



Hi Hafta team,

I wrote to you previously about the fate of medical residents.

I understand that the news may have been covered, but as Manisha said, what about the mental state this pandemic has left young doctors in?

Just saw the by Areeb Hashmi about a Covid volunteer.

I was hoping that maybe something like this could be done. It shouldn’t be too hard to do in Delhi I guess. The last two batches have essentially become Covid specialists. The personal and professional toll this has taken on them I can’t even begin to put into words. Please consider it if anything is possible in this direction. I am so pushy and persistent only because the quality of the human stories NL makes can create awareness and impact. Doctors are always considered privileged, maybe too generally we are, but the past two years in India have made me feel like an amateur trapeze artist with no safety net.



Hi, I have a question for everyone. Do you think Modi has the power to end elections in India and if he does, why does he still allow elections? Do you think he won’t allow a peaceful transfer of power if he loses?

I think Indian democracy has always depended on the benevolence of strong prime ministers. Nehru, Indira and Rajiv could all have ended democracy. Indira Gandhi did this for 21 months and there was hardly any resistance. She could have remained a dictator, she chose to have an election, no one forced her. It would be interesting if you shared your point of view on this.